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Chesapeake Bay Retriever

The Chesapeake Bay Retriever Club has been bringing British Chesapeake enthusiasts together since 1983. The Club holds two gundog working tests each year, as well as a championship show. Other events include obedience workshops, dog and gun days, training days and breed seminars. Members are kept informed of Club news via a magazine - the Chessie Chat - which is sent out three times a year.

The club show is usually held in the Midlands, while the working tests move around the UK. We have held tests in Hampshire, on the marshes of the Essex coastline, in South Wales and in the Angus Glens of Scotland - plus many locations in between! As members may be travelling a long way to take part in the working tests, we often make a weekend of it. It's good to get together with other brown dogs and their owners.

Most people who have lived with a Chesapeake will usually consider having no other breed. If you are reading this, maybe you are trying to work out whether a Chesapeake is right for you. This website will hopefully help you to decide. We will give you some basic information about the breed, and list some events where you can meet Chesapeakes and talk to their owners.


CBRC Annual General Meeting 2015

Notice of
of the Chesapeake Bay Retriever Club

Sunday 22 February 2015
Meeting begins at 11.00 am
Tea/coffee available 10.30–11.00 am)
Long Lawford Memorial Hall, Long Lawford, nr Rugby CV23 9BA

Directions: From Rugby, take the A428 Rugby to Coventry road. About half a mile past Rugby Cement Works turn right at the Sheaf & Sickle pub crossroads into Back Lane. Follow it, and turn left almost immediately after the railway bridge. Straight on, and the hall is on your right in Railway Street. According to club rules, half the committee retires annually. The committee members retiring in 2015 are as follows:

Mr Dave Lowther
Mr Dave Thompson
Miss Kirsty Watts

Dave and Dave are willing to stand for re-election; Kirsty will be standing down. There are three vacancies on the committee.

The Hon Secretary, Hon Treasurer and Chairman retire annually. All are willing to stand for re-election.

Items for the agenda and nominations (in writing) for Committee, Secretary, Treasurer and Chairman of the Club, signed by both proposer and seconder, must be with the Secretary at least 28 days prior to the AGM. Please include a brief biographical note (around 200 words) detailing your interest and involvement with Chesapeakes. The 2014 AGM minutes will be printed in the next Chat issue. Copies of the agenda and minutes of the last AGM will be available at the meeting or by prior request to the Secretary.



Two year old Earl needs a forever home with patient, experienced Chesapeake owners. For more details, see the Rescue page.

Chesapeake Health Survey - the Results

Here are the results of the Chesapeake health survey that many of you contributed to early in 2014. The aim of this first survey was to identify what problems exist in the breed, and determine how common the problems are. The results show that Chesapeakes are a generally healthy breed, with similar conditions to the general dog population, particularly other large, active breeds. Future surveys will look at the most serious and common conditions in more detail, and see how they relate to lifestyle, methods of rearing, vaccinations, etc.


Thanks to everyone who took part in this survey. It is now closed.

The Kennel Club is currently carrying out a health survey of ALL pedigree breeds, which we hope you will take the time to get involved in. You can complete the Kennel Club questionnaire by filling out the Kennel Club health survey here. This survey periods ends on 25 December 2014. The KC survey will be the best way of comparing health concerns in Chesapeakes against the general dog population, as the survey methods will be the same for all breeds.

The Kennel Club estimates that completing their questionnaire will take about 25 minutes, but the results will be very valuable to us if as many people as possible can spare just 25 minutes each. It will be easier to complete the forms if you have your dog's KC registrations papers and any veterinary records by your side when you sit down to do it. The more people who take part, the more representative the results will be. Your contribution matters!

Chesapeake Weekend in Essex

CBRC members had a great weekend of training and competing together on the last weekend in September. A full report will appear in the Chat but the results of the Autumn Working Test are as follows:

1 Arnac Bay Fleetwood - owned/handled by Christine Mayhew
2 Arnac Bay Flax - owned/handled by Christine Mayhew
3 Puntgunner Princess Ebony - owned/handled by Mark Greenhough
4 Petsalls Pride Ash - owned/handled by Paula Graystone

1 Penrose Keen Machine - owned/handled by Mark Poulton

1 Arnac Bay Arapahoe - owned/handled by Christine Mayhew

1 -
2 -
3 Riverrun Away in a Hack - owned by Des and Mary Murray; handled by Mary


Please note that the CBRC does not have a Facebook page. Any comments and opinions that appear on Facebook belong to individuals, and in no way represent the Chesapeake Bay Retriever Club.

Show diary

Kirsty Watts has compiled a list of shows that usually have Chesapeake classes, which you can download here.

Team tests, game fairs, Discover Dogs

There are a few team events each year where we are invited to run a team of Chesapeakes in inter-breed working tests. If you would like your dog to be considered for the team, please contact Jason Mayhew on 07808 518000.

We also get asked to have Chesapeakes available in the Discover Dogs section of Crufts, KC events and at various game fairs each year. If you have a friendly dog that enjoys being patted by the public all day long, and you would like to play your part in representing the breed, please get in touch with Molly Barker (01427 890578 or sec@chesapeakebayretrieverclub.co.uk). She is always looking for volunteers!

Mark and Echo in a second BASC film

Mark Greenhough, Wildfowling Officer for BASC, and his Chesapeake Echo star in a second BASC film, this time an introduction to wildfowling. An Introduction to Wildfowling appears on the BASC homepage: www.basc.org.uk.

Echo stars in latest BASC film

Mark Greenhough's Echo is the star of BASC's latest online video. The Long Retrieve features Echo retrieving a mallard across the Dee Estuary. It appears on the BASC homepage: www.basc.org.uk.

DNA Testing Scheme for Degenerative Myelopathy

Copies of test certificates issued by OFA are now sent directly to the KC, where the test result will be added to the dog's details on the registration database. This will trigger the publication of the test result in the next available Breed Records Supplement. The result will also appear on any new registration certificate issued for the dog and on the registration certificates of any future progeny of the dog. It will be available via the KC's health test result finder.